Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank You and Another Freebie

Wow!! I'm amazed at how many people downloaded Egg Parade. And all the sweet comments here and on 4-shared - y'all know how to make a girl smile. I know it's been a little while since I posted. I guess I should just 'fess up now and admit that I will probably just be an occasional blogger, since I don't like to write. So, why would a gal who hates to write want to start a blog, LOL??? Well...I scrapped with freebies for a very long time when I first started digiscrapping. I was always so grateful to those who shared their designs, and I really wanted to be able to share stuff, too. And, I'm having a blast learning more about PSP and how to design things (that's my engineering side).

So, I'm working on something bright and boyish, but I'm nowhere near being done. I'm a slow scrapper, and also apparently very slow at designing, too. I do have another kit to share right now that I did for the January DSO Color Challenge. It was up in the forums there, but I thought I'd post it here if anyone who didn't pick it up there would like it. It's not my usual style, but it's fun trying out different styles and seeing what I can do. Plus, I just really wanted to put that truffle into a kit, lol!

You can download it here.

PLEASE don't share this link or upload my kit to any filesharing sites. Just send people to my blog to download. And if you use this in a layout, I'd love to take a peek!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcome to my Blog and a Freebie

Welcome to my new blog! I'm completely new at blogging, so things are very simple around here now. Eventually, I'll get around to making a nice blog header, but this will work for now. I've been digital scrapbooking for almost 2 years and have recently started dabbling in design a little, mostly for challenges. So, this blog will be where I can share some of my design efforts. I'm NOT an established designer and really not looking to be one. I think trying to sell would suck the fun out of it for me. I use mainly PSP9, but I got PSE5 with my Bamboo Fun tablet for Christmas, so I'm using that a little to run actions and do brushwork. The interface confuses me, though, so I can't see leaving my trusty PSP any time soon.

The first freebie I'll post here is my contribution for the DSO March Color Challenge. I really liked the color palette, and thought it would be perfect for an Easter kit suitable for scrapping boys (since I have 2 of them). Most of the Easter kits out there are so girly, though I have seen a couple nice ones for boys.

So, here is the preview for Egg Parade. Remember, I'm just dabbling, so be gentle, LOL! If you download this and actually use it, I'd love to see your layout.


The download link is here:

PLEASE don't share this link or upload my kit to any filesharing sites. Just send people to my blog to download - I plan on leaving this up for awhile.