Friday, October 23, 2015

Tribal Spirit at GingerScraps

My Tribal Spirit Collection is now available at GingerScraps. The kit and addons are 30% off through October 27, or get the convenient bundle for 40% off every day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sale and Tribal Spirit GGI

Tribal Spirit GGI collection is now available exclusively at Gotta Pixel! Get 4 products for $1 each, or get the convenient bundle for just $4 through October 16. The rest of my store is 40% off (except bundles and collabs) through October 14. My GingerScraps store is also 40% off through October 14. 

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Daily Download and Spotlight Sale

I am in the spotlight at Gotta Pixel for the next week! 

My store is 40% off (except for bundles which are already discounted, and collabs). And, if you visit my store every day from today, October 8 through October 14, you can download the pieces for Cameo free. You'll need to scroll down a little to find each day's download. Each day's download is only available for 24 hours, starting at midnight, EST. If you join the Pixel Club, you can download the entire kit free all at once, along with all of the other daily download kits and 5 additional kits that are exclusive to the Pixel Club. Get more information here.

Here are detailed instructions for accessing the daily downloads.

Register in the store if you have not done so. The login for the store is separate from the Forum and the Newsletter. We will showcase a preview of the entire kit in daily posts and our daily newsletter but in order to get the entire kit, you need to come back daily to download all the pieces to the designer’s spotlight kit!
  1. Log into the  store.  Click “Remember Me” and you won’t have to keep logging in!
  2. Find today’s daily download in the designer’s store.  It will have “Daily Download” in the title.
  3. Add it to your cart.
  4. Check out!  An invoice will be generated that provides you with the download keys.
Daily Downloads are available at 12:00 AM ET. You have 24 hours to check out with the daily download after it’s activated. After the 24 hours, it will be removed from the store and the next day’s daily download will be made available. Previous orders of daily downloads can not be reset or re-enabled.  If you have issues, submit a ticket immediately.  We can not help you with daily download issues after the day the download is offered

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

$2 Halloween Kits

It's $2 Tuesday! Get 2 of my Halloween kits for just $2 each, and get all the addons for just $1 each TODAY, October 6! I've also decided to extend sale pricing on my new All Hallows' Eve buffet kit for a day, so you can still get that kit at GingerScraps only for just $2 today as well.

at Gotta Pixel:  Haunted    Toil and Trouble
at GingerScraps:  Haunted   Toil and Trouble   All Hallows' Eve

Toil and Trouble:  at Gotta Pixel    at GingerScraps

All Hallow's Eve at GingerScraps only

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 5, 2015

NEW All Hallows' Eve Buffet

It's time for the October Buffet at GingerScraps! Get All Hallows' Eve Kit for just $2, or get the papers and elements separately for just $1 each through October 5.

My Applelicious collection previously released for the September GingerScraps Buffet is now available at Gotta Pixel. The individual products are 30% off through October 7, and the bundle is discounted by 40% every day. 

Stay tuned for a great freebie on Thursday.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!