Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Papers for You

Hi again. Wow, I don't update this blog very often, do I? It looks like about every 2 weeks. I have some papers for you today. I have some ideas for elements, so they'll probably be ready in a couple weeks. These coordinate with Digitreats RunABC Kit. You should check her blog, because she has the RunABC and two other kits that she's adding onto periodically.

Now, these papers are a bit experimental - they don't necessarily all go together very well style-wise, though they do color-wise. I was experimenting. Please, pretty please, let me know which ones you like and/or which ones you don't. I know I have my favorites, but I want to see what you all think. Hopefully, you can use some of them.

You can download the papers here.

PLEASE don't share this link or upload my kit to any filesharing sites. Just send people to my blog to download. And if you use this in a layout, I'd love to take a peek! And thank you so much for your comments - I love reading them!