Tuesday, May 19, 2015

$1 and $2 Deals

Today is $2 Tuesday, AND the $1 Bake Sale continues! Get 2 kits and coordinating addons each for $2 today only, and get 3 products (2 kits, 1 element pack) for $1 each through May 20. 

Find the $2 deals here:
Capital USA: http://bit.ly/1HoISsL
Garden Grow: http://bit.ly/1sgV0FJ 
Gotta Pixel: 
Capital USA: http://bit.ly/1AbIDSd
Garden Grow: http://bit.ly/1EYJRNe

Find the dollar deals here:
GingerScraps: http://bit.ly/1H7cvwb
Gotta Pixel: http://bit.ly/1A4WBVW

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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